We are an inclusive club and are affiliated to British Ice Skating. We aim for our members to have an enjoyable time in a safe environment

Fridays 6 to 7pm

Cost – £8.35 to the Leisure Centre, this should be booked and paid for through the Better App (listed under ice sessions.  Please DO NOT book unless you are a current member, or have been asked to do so as a guest.  Then an additional weekly £1 subs at the rink side.  If you wish to join the 30-minute group class, it is currently an additional £1. 

If you are working on a programme, you are welcome to put on your music.

We try to hold one or two small competitions throughout the year and an event for members to showcase their programmes.


22 thoughts on “Info”

  1. Hi there,

    I did some very simple skating when I was wee but I have not since then. I was interested in classes and I wondered if you had any recommendations for a teacher or a beginners class etc that I might join?

    Any advice would be gratefully received.

    Kind regards,



  2. Sarah
    sorry for the delay in replying. Assuming you are referring to Streatham, the web site of the management company – organise learn-to-skate classes; if you have done some skating I believe they will slot you in at the correct level. They are organised separately for adults and youngsters. When I was in the classes I stayed in the same group for a couple of years, beyond the Skate-UK levels. In some ways I preferred a group to individual tuition. I only started skating when my daughter started in secondary school. While in the classes you may judge which coach you would like to have private lessons with; some coaches specialise in Dance, some in Free, some both. Naturally I would recommend Free, but I am also a member of Dance Club.
    If you work through the levels, or are at a higher Skate-UK level, you could come to club on a Friday evening to discuss further.
    Most rinks have a similar setup.


  3. Hello, Are you planning a dnace solo for 2018 please. And if you are do you have an idea when. Thank you


  4. Amber’s group would roughly be for skaters with 2 or 3 single jumps and upright spins, but some would be below that level, some higher. Kevin’s group is an edge class, for skaters with, say, back to forward turns. Amber’s groups is now fairly much U18 and Kevin’s adult, but Amber’s has no official upper limit. There is no obligation to join either group; some skate on their own. You could come just to see.


  5. Hi, I am new to the area and would like to start using your patch sessions. Am I able to turn up and just use your patch or do I need to ask a coach? Also how do I find out when patch is on. I am nisa level 4. Also the Friday club session is it ok for me to attend as I am an adult skater. Many thanks.


  6. what level do I have to be on to join the the figure skate club? I am a currently on Nisa Uk skate level 6 basic


  7. Hello. This summer my family will be moving from New York to Kingston. My daughter has been skating for 3 years and can do a salchow, lutz, flip, loop, scratch spin, back scratch spin, sit spin, pancake spin, tuck spin. camel spin. and a back sit spin. However, she has never taken an english NISA test. Would she be able to join this club without test results? Also does this club or Streatham Ice Rink have any summer camps?


  8. Caroline – she would be welcome at club at her level. There is also patch ‘training ice’ 6 mornings per week and a couple of afternoons – not necessarily with private lessons. Trains from Kingston to Streatham Common, changing at Clapham Junction, take about 35 minutes; then 10-minute walk or bus to the rink.


  9. hello,

    do I also pay at reception every time I come then and additional fee to the class what are the total fees, and what kind of competitions does the club do outside the rink?

    on your website it says you must have level 6 and on the other page it says you must have level 7 which is it?

    warm regards


  10. Stefan
    Yes – all skaters have to pay at reception every time (currently £8.10) and pay the club £1 whether or not they do the class. We also have an adult edge class which isn’t subsidised by the club, so skaters pay £4.50 for it instead of the £1.
    We don’t currently have any outside competitions, though coaches enter some of their skaters in open competitions.
    We’re a little arbitrary about entry requirements – sometimes we allow in a sibling at a lower level. We’ll clear up the mismatch.


  11. Hi, I moved the UK a couple of years ago and have been skating since I was 10. I can do single jumps, forward and backward spins, but work full time and lack confidence so I’m looking for private lessons to gain confidence in Free. Is there a list of coaches somewhere that shows their profile so that I might be able to get in touch?


    1. There’s a list of coaches who work at Streatham here:
      It looks fairly up to date. Some are primarily dance though I dare say most would be OK to coach free as well as dance. Kevin and Amber work most Figure Club sessions and do 1-1s in those sessions from time to time. If you came to club you’d see them both working. Other than that the coaches teach on patch and public ice – I’m afraid I don’t know who teaches when. A fair few of the club skaters skate at Streatham at other times so should be able to give you more info.


  12. Hi, I am interested in joining the club and was wondering how do I become a member?
    Thanks and regards,


  13. Brynmor – best to come along on a Friday evening for our 6:15pm session. Skaters can come to club 3 times as a guest before joining. Adult edge class most sessions, but currently no ‘youngster’ class as it is rehearsing for the Rink Gala on 7th December. Skaters do need to be at level above Skate UK level 8.


  14. Hello, Would you please tell me if the ice skating club will be meeting in September 2021? My daughter (aged 10) would like to join. Would you please let us know if it is possible? Thanks


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